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Continence & Pelvic Floor Workshop

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Pauline Chiarelli



A comprehensive 2 day presentation of the basic theory and practical skills needed for treating urinary incontinence in women through retraining the muscles of the pelvic floor


The wokshops are limited to professionally qualified physiotherapists, nurses (RN’s), midwives and doctors.The workshops are only open to women.


Where: Newcastle University, NSW, Australia.

When: 9, 10 July 2011 .

Who: Dr Pauline Chiarelli is acknowledged as a world expert in her field and is an entertaining speaker.

Why: Theory, tutorials AND 4 hrs of prac with small group tutors ensures comprehensive coverage of topic.


Come along for the full weekend
or for the Saturday only


Full weekend $575

Saturday only $395


  • Lunch, refreshments, pre-reading and workbook will be provided.
  • 10 personal tutors ensure you receive personal attention and training. Fully equipped venue
  • Network wit up to 60 colleagues from around Australia and New Zealand.
  • Full-time wokshop manager ensures personal attention and assistance 24/7.
  • You will need to organise & pay for your own transport, accommodation & evening meals. Flying into Newcastle offers the advantage of super-cheap Virgin or Jetstar flights. Ample, free, on-site parking.
  • Stay at nearby Jesmond Villas or any of the hundreds of hotels, motels & B&B’s in Newcastle.
  • Experience Newcastle’s vibrant restaurants and cafes on Saturday night.



SATURDAY (Timetable – subject to change)


Registration. Yes, it’s early but we have lots to get through


Anatomy and physiology of continence
Physiology of urinary incontinence & associated factors


Morning Tea



Ups & downs of the Pelvic Floor


Pelvic floor (kegel) exercises: How do they work? Testing, testing




Bladder training


The pelvic floor as part of the core:
Sounding out the pelvic floor. (Ultrasound prac) Two groups alternating between afternoon tea and Physio Lab. 30 minutes each




Afternoon Tea - Close for theory participants


Prac Session 1 Vaginal Assessment




Review of Saturday content: Q&A’s


Pelvic organ prolapse: Did it fall or was it pushed?

9.45 10.15

Pelvic floor & continence in the childbearing year
Aging and continence


Morning Tea


Principles of Muscle Rehabilitation and PFX prescription


Formulating a treatment plan


Assessing PFM: prep for prac session




LUNCH (inc 15 min discussion @ 1.15)


Prac Session 2.
Assessment Pelvic Floor Muscles


Afternoon tea


Case studies and debrief



The weekend consists of 8 hrs theory and 4 hrs prac which includes 3 hrs per vaginam prac work. Prac groups of 4 with one tutor per two groups ensure you personal attention and enough variety and interest to get the best educational outcomes. Pauline’s presentation of the theory is finely honed over many years experience and research to bring you the essential up-to-date information package.

Certificates of attendance will be provided for the theory and practical components of the workshop. In order to provide the mandatory practical experience necessary for competence in pelvic floor muscles assessment, the practical session within the workshop requires that each
full weekend participant be willing to personally
perform AND undergo vaginal assessment procedures. There is a two-day theory-only option for health professionals who do not wish, or are not qualified, to perform per vaginam practical investigation.

One in 3 women

who ever had a baby

wet themselves

As women’s health professionals

We can do something about this.





Feedback from the last 3 workshops

“Thank you for the tremendous course. We found the day very informative and thoroughly enjoyed the mix. We will pass on the details to colleagues and will also pass on all this wonderful and highly valuable info to our clients. The Hunter was marvelous...we ate at Enzo's cafe in Pokolbin. They were fab. Cheers to Pauline and thanks again for the conference. It all ran very smoothly. Boulevard was excellent for future reference. We ate at APK on the Saturday night...very very helpful and friendly considering we were such a large and noisy group.” (Anna-Louise Bouvier, brought 12 physios for Saturday workshop)

“Pauline was a fantastic speaker – easy to understand – held my interest very well
– humorous – I really enjoyed all the presentations.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It covered everything about incontinence and pelvic floor exercises that I wanted to know and I now
feel confident to use all of the information and practical components in my clinic.”

I thought the Continence & Pelvic Floor Symposium was fantastic. I really learnt a lot. I thought the practical sessions were very well
organized and the tutors were very helpful. Thank you for all your efforts, and the food was brilliant.

“Loved your sense of hum­our!”

“Loved the chance to network at meal breaks. Good food. Comfortable setting.”

“The whole 2 days was extremely relevant to the area I work in. Ultrasound and core stability was very new
to me and I was a little bit lost but in all thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.”

“Found the whole weekend really valuable, especially the pelvic floor practical sessions as they consolidate theoretical info.
The exercises were great.”
(Note: Most attendees voted prac exercises most useful.)

“I really enjoyed last weekend and got a lot out of it. I will recommend the July course to my colleagues.
I really appreciated all the effort that was put into this course. Thank you.” HS


“Pauline has so much knowledge we need a whole week with her.
Please say thank you to her for a wonderful weekend and it was well worth the money.” GL



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Note: These Continence & Pelvic Floor workshops are held using the facilities of Newcastle University.
They are organised by Chiarelli HealthCare and not an initiative of Newcastle University.

We will only confirm your reservation on payment.

Saturday: $395/ Weekend: $575

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